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Municipalities involved in Civic Orientation in Östergötland and Tranås

Boxholm library, street, parked red car
Boxholm is only a short distance from several larger cities, harbour, airports, and universities. Boxholm’s scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, including the lake Sommen. Lake Sommen is one of Sweden’s bigger clear water lakes and has an archipelagic environment with closer to 300 islands.

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Channel, water, bridge, green trees, part of Finspång Castle
Finspång Municipality is part of the fourth metropolitan area, a region characterised by strong growth. Finspång is close to important hubs such as airport, harbour, and universities. Finspång is situated approximately 2.5 Swedish miles (25 km) west of Norrköping along the highway, Riksväg 51, towards Örebro.

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Fountain, water, artwork, square, Kinda municipal office
In Kinda there are many associations and a rich cultural life. Here is the opportunity for good housing in beautiful scenery, close to both lakes and forests. Kinda has a stunning landscape with meadows, farmland, mountains, lakes, and forests offering great nature experiences. Kinda Canal flows through the landscape.

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Main square in Linköping, Gallerian, people strolling, bicycles in bicycle racks, flowers in hanging flower pots
Linköping is Sweden’s fifth largest municipality. Here, you find a big and successful university, brilliant shopping, and a broad business sector with technology at the forefront. The grandiose cathedral makes for a classic silhouette. Linköping University is Sweden’s fifth largest university, famous for its multidisciplinary focus.

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Mjölby old town hall, church, statue, parked cars
Mjölby is an expansive municipality rooted in history but focused on the future. In Mjölby, you can enjoy the benefits of a rural and small-town society, while it only takes 20 minutes by commuter train to get to Linköping and 45 minutes to Norrköping. The rest of the world is not far away, either. Communications are excellent. The municipality has three regional centres: Mjölby, Skänninge, and Mantorp.

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Water, boats, Göta Canal, locks
Motala Municipality is situated in western Östergötland. There are many lakes and Göta Canal flows into Lake Vättern here. The waterfront location offers a lot of great housing. Motala and Vadstena municipalities collaborate, for example in the form of joint rescue services and a common Water and Waste Board. The municipality has two regional centres: Motala and Borensberg.

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Tree-lined avenue, green trees, cars
Norrköping is one of Sweden’s ten largest cities. The city is characterised by a well-preserved, newly renovated, and unique industrial landscape where the beautiful textile industry buildings reflect the past. Norrköping also stands out with its many well-kept parks and flora. During the beginning of the 2000s, Norrköping was reimagined as a university city along with its neighbouring city, Linköping. Together, Norrköping and Linköping are considered the fourth metropolitan area.

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View from above of central Söderköping, St Lawrence’s church, view, green areas, green trees
Söderköping has its roots in early mediaeval times and is a vibrant, idyllic small town today. The town centre has mostly kept the mediaeval street system, and parts of the town have older sections of small-town wooden architecture. St Anna Archipelago, a summer’s dream, but also a year-round residence with services such as childcare, school, and housing for the elderly. The municipality stretches wide between coast and inland.

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Water, lake Sommen, tourist boat Boxholm II, quay, houses in the background
Tranås is an urban community and regional centre in Tranås Municipality in Jönköping County. The city is located by Lake Sommen in northern Småland. The Southern Main Line (railway) and Riksväg 32 (highway) runs nearby. The main street in Tranås is called Storgatan and runs straight through the city. It is one of Sweden’s widest streets, planted with linden trees from the early 1900s. The street is approx. 2 km long and 38 metres wide. Storgatan’s current design is from the mid-1960s. The reason for the wide street is that when the community was growing in the 1800s, they wanted to prevent fires from spreading.

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Vadstena library, parked cars, single tree
Vadstena Municipality is an attractive municipality situated on the beautiful Östgöta Plain, with a view of Lake Vättern. The town has a unique historical environment and is largely made up of old buildings from the 1700s and 1800s, but also buildings from mediaeval times as the town dates back to the Middle Ages. Rådhustorget is located in the centre of town with the town hall from the 1400s, which makes it the oldest preserved town hall in Sweden. The municipality offers great housing and amazing cultural and nature experiences.

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View from above of Valdemarsvik, houses, church, green trees
Valdemarsvik Municipality is situated in the southeast part of Östergötland. Aside from Valdemarsvik, the localities Ringarum, Gusum, Gryt, and Skeppsgården are part of the municipality. Many call the archipelagos of Gryt and Tjust the most beautiful in the world. The municipality is closely connected to water with its almost 700 km long shoreline. Valdemarsvik Municipality offers an exceptional environment for children and young people to grow up in, but also a very good education in well-organised schools.

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Fountain, monument, parked cars, pink houses, trees
Ydre Municipality has fantastic surroundings and scenery. Lake Sommen sits like a pearl, surrounded by much of Ydre, along with many other lakes in the municipality. Here you can find fishing waters, camping, interesting cultural environments, and exciting sights. Autumn and spring offer beautiful forest walks in the various nature reserves. Lots of mushrooms and berries grow in the Ydre forests. Take some time to visit some of all the places described in Ydre's fairy tales and legends.

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Åtvidaberg library, open-air café, parked cars, trees
Åtvidaberg Municipality is located in central Östergötland. The municipality border is approximately 1.5 Swedish miles (15 kilometres) from Linköping. Åtvidaberg is perfectly situated between coastline and a metropolitan city, with beautiful scenery, lakes, bathing beaches, a rich fauna and outdoor activities. Åtvidaberg also has an interesting factory, industry, and football history, and there are opportunities for a good life in the form of housing, schools, leisure activities, surroundings, security, and atmosphere.

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Square, flowers, church tower, parked cars, central buildings
Ödeshög Municipality is located in the southwest part of Östergötland. Here you will find both down-to-earth businesses and forward-thinking companies. The locality has a view of the lake and free parking and is situated by Lake Vättern and Omberg. Ödeshög has a long history. People settled in this area as early as 5,000 years ago. The area surrounding Ödeshög has many sights to offer, such as Alvastra Monastery Ruins, Rökstenen (the Rök runestone) from the Viking Age, or Hästholmen’s marina.

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